Become A Herbalife Distributor Information

Information to become a herbalife distributor is sometimes not easy or extremely vague. We searched the internet to find as much information as possible. In our search we found a few sites that lead us to ordering herbalife products online or buying directly form an independent distributor and a few bad sites about becoming a distributor.

We did find one that gave us the most information with video tutorials and clear understanding of how easy it is to become a Herbalife distributor and how to do it.

the become a herbalife distributor website

The website is it has a cute dog on the right hand side Herbalifename fin. It’s a great read and videos to describe the business opportunity of Herbalife, what tools they supply and even some local support in any area across the United States, and I think globally as well.


the become a herbalife distributor videos

The first video on the home page is the actual sign up process, it looks pretty simple and quick! I think it only took 10 minutes for the video to walk you through it.

Below the videos are links to the other videos listed on the site. One video about the website Herbalife gives each distributor at no charge. Another about the back office website Herbalife provides with all the video training and documents. And one video that shows how many people are searching the internet to order these products online.

the main video for become a herbalife distributor

For Herbalife is a must visit if you even thinking about joining this company as a distributor. It will be time well spent, you will learn a ton of informative information and be about to make a sound decision in if it is right for you to become a herbalife distributor.

Join Herbalife Independent Distributor